Paint Protection Film

Proform Auto’s paint protection film is a virtually clear film designed to reduce stone chipping and bug damage on painted surfaces. Excellent for protecting high impact areas such as hoods, bumper, side mirrors, rocker panels, etc. Offers equal protection on new or used vehicles.

Proform’s paint protection film is specially designed to protect and preserve automotive painted finishes. When applied properly to a vehicles paint, this OEM-approved clear urethane film is hardly noticeable, allowing a vehicle’s paint color’s brilliance to show through while protecting it from damage caused by stone chips, bugs, weathering and road abrasion.

All cutting is done in house at Proform Auto’s shop

Proform Auto’s paint protection film is constructed of a thermoplastic urethane, a tough, malleable plastic material used for its long-term durability. The film is covered by a protective clearcoat layer that contains UV blockers and protects against yellowing. The film is attached by a high performance pressure sensitive adhesive that ensures excellent adhesion.


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