What is it?

Proform Auto’s Protective Films offers supreme protection for automobiles no matter the make. The protection comes in the form of a Clear-coated 8-mil urethane film, that is adhered with high pressure-sensitive adhesive. It can be applied to protected your paint, or to protect your headlights.

Paint Protection Film

Installation of the film is not permanent, it can be removed at any time. If the film ever becomes damaged, it can be replaced.It is not suggested to install the film yourself. Installation times will vary, but most are ready to go the same day.

Why Proform Auto is the Best

By now you should have a general understanding of what Proform Auto can give you. Here are just a few reasons why we think our product is the best way to protect your car:

  • Approved by major automotive manufacturers
  • Clear-coated 8-mil urethane film adhered with high performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive that ensures excellent long-term adhesion
  • Vehicle’s color brilliance shows through the clear urethane film
  • No mechanical attachments or unsightly guards or bras
  • Film can be removed if necessary
  • No drilling holes for mechanical parts thus elimination potential corrosion or paint abrasion
  • Computerized design for exact fit
  • D.O.T. approved scratch resistant material
  • UV stabilized, will not change color or discolor

How much does the film cost?

Because each car is different and protection area is up to the individual, costs are determined on a few factors. To get a price quote on the film and/or installation, simply click here.